Living Room Furniture

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Mission Style

Our mission furniture is warm, comfortable, strong, unadorned, a touch of subtle refinement offered by the petite square spindles on the end panels. This is a very popular furniture style.

Panel Mission

Gone are the trademark slats and spindles expected of the standard mission style. While true to its mission roots the Panel Mission Collection leans more towards transitional with the introduction of solid wood panels.

Rustic Country

The Rustic Country Collection is a gentlemanly sort of style that takes you to the country; the high country. A soft yet distinct step in the skirtings and bunt feet nearly set off with sharp bevels hint to its rural origins.

Shaker Collection

Highlighting a square tapered leg and coupled with solid panels, the shaker collection takes mission and simplifies it even further. Like Mission, Shaker furniture focuses on practical functionality yet in its own simplistic form.

Breezy Point Collection

The Breezy Collection is distinguished by the smooth curve of the skirting and side panels venturing further from the traditional constraints of Mission furniture.